• Vagi-Pal Supermoist Vagina Health Serum

Vagi-Pal Supermoist Vagina Health Serum

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Long for the days when you were easily aroused and easily produced a healthy amount of moisture and lubrication in your vaginal tract when aroused or during sex? Are experiencing dryness, pain and itch or even avoiding sex because it is simply too painful despite lubrication. Meet Vagi-Pal's Supermoist Vagina Health Serum. This is not your average lubricant. It not only provides moisture, it helps facilitate moisture production, attacking hormonal imbalance, irritants, bacteria and yeast that could be robbing you of the lubricity you desire. Easy to apply and completely natural.

Filled with plant barks, fruit extracts, natural humectants and probiotics.

Product Size: 60 mL/ 2oZ

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