• Vagi-Pal Balance BV Master Cleanse

Vagi-Pal Balance BV Master Cleanse

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Experiencing itch? Odor? A fishy smell? A vaginal discharge? Prone to urinary tract infections or concerned about your vaginal health since introducing a new sex partner?

Vagi-Pal Bacteria Balance BV Master Cleanse is a great addition to your feminine health regimen. Made with highly concentrated, fresh harvested and organic herbs combined with therapeutic fruit and nut extracts, this wash goes deep to fight the leakage and the fishy odor. Helps balance vaginal flora, weeding out bad bacteria and pumping your vagina with healthy friendly bacteria.

Filled with Coconut, Garlic, Ginger, Neem, Lavender and Lactobacilli.

Great for those prone to UTIs, with rigorous fitness regimens, multiple sex partners or vaginal irritation and infections.

Product Size: 240 mL/ 8 oZ

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