• Vagi-Pal™ Banana Probiotic Vagina Yogurt

Vagi-Pal™ Banana Probiotic Vagina Yogurt

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Banana Probiotic Vagina Yogurt provides maximum body odor control. This product contains good bacteria, Lactobacillus acidophilus, to combat bad bacteria. This vaginal cream is a gentle and concentrated.

When applied externally to the vagina, Vagi-Pal Vagina Yogurt zeroes in on bad bacteria, yeast, and more. With continued use, Vagi-Pal Probiotic Vagina Yogurts helps balance vaginal flora. A balanced vaginal flora promotes proper moisture level in the vagina, reduces itch, fight irritation, soothes dryness. Glides and goes on easy. Apply and let sit and then rinse. Start feeling refreshed and feed your vagina what it needs.


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