• Vagi-Pal Yeast Control Healthy Vagina Serum

Vagi-Pal Yeast Control Healthy Vagina Serum

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An itchy and smelly vagina is no fun. Neither is a vagina where harmful yeast is taking over and colonizing rapidly. Harmful yeast in your vaginal tract can have devastating effects - leaving you more open to urinary tract infections, vaginitis, vaginal odor and even compromising the gut bacteria of your child if you deliver vaginally. Is your bacteria balanced? Do you have yeast overgrowth? Is it impacting your vaginal smell? Your sex life? Are your underwear constantly stained or filled with a cottage cheese like substance? Do you experience itch and odor frequently? Try Vagi-Pal Yeast Control Healthy Vagina Serum.

Vagi-Pal Yeast Control Healthy Vagina Serum is an easy to apply lightweight serum that soothes and cools itch. Helps fight yeast, harmful bacteria, odor and hormonal imbalance while also feeding the vagina good, helpful bacteria. Filled with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and herbal balance extracts with natural probiotics and prebiotics.

Product Size: 60 mL/ 2oZ

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