About Vagi-Pal

Vagi-Pal is a novel approach to meeting today's feminine needs.

With the advent of polyester undergarments, tight clothing, hormones in food, overuse of antibiotics, denatured foods, polluted water, superbugs and much more,  feminine health has become under assault. Maintaining proper vaginal pH, vaginal flora, libido, hormones and overall reproductive health is more and more challenging.

Vagi-Pal seeks to provide quick and effective solutions to these challenges. Vagi-Pal covers a broad spectrum of feminine concerns. Vagi - Pal is made primarily by women who practice the principles of naturopathy, homeopathy and herbalism.  Using primarily natural herbs and juices, Vagi-Pal seeks to restore imbalances in the body - whether they be hormonal, bacterial, fungal or nutritional.
We use active plant, spice and herbal combinations with accordance with the principles of nature to release build - up in the body, reduce improper discharge, promote healthy vaginal flora and restore hormonal and sexual balance.

Vagi-Pal tackles a variety of concerns, including:
1) Libido
2) Itchiness
3) Dryness
4) Odor
5) Discharge
6) Fertility Issues
7) Yeast Overgrowth
8) Bacterial Overgrowth
9) Pregnancy Flora

Vagi-Pal is your secret friend to address issues in your most secret parts. We are made to work for you.